Tuesday, July 20, 2010


This weekend I went to Bern with my coworkers. We got there Friday night and stayed at Nic's house. He was gracious enough to barbecue for us but of course all he bought were ribs, sausages, chicken wings, sausages, corn, sausages, some bread, chips, and sausages. I had to throw in a bag of salad into the mix to make sure we weren't completely off balance. You may notice in the picture below that Nic is half wet because he courageously stood in the rain to barbecue for us! Go Nic! I should have taken a picture of the bucket-o-meat but the guys attacked it before I realized that I should probably document this event. We did nibble in the green house while the rain died down as Nic was so kind to re-enact for you guys.

The rest of the night consisted of: trying to get the neighbor girl to join us, a few drinks, a lot of internetting, comparison of iTunes collections, a long conversation in fake German between the boys, some Marcia bashing, and convincing Jack that he did not need any more Tequila shots.

On Saturday we woke up bright and early around noon. Everyone apparently had woken up at 9 but thought everyone else was still sleeping so went back to sleep. Sure. After we woke up, we waited for Nic to mow the lawn before heading into the city. We walked around the beautiful old town, saw the bears of Bern, the Zytglogge tower, the Gothic cathedral M√ľnster of Bern, then we ate at a Mexican restaurant. I know most of you are like what? You went to Switzerland and ate at a Mexican restaurant? Just so you know, I also eat burgers here so... We were going to go to a bar but decided against it because everyone was tired. From what? Who knows. We went back to Nic's place had some champagne to celebrate our tiredness and fell asleep to Clash of the Titans.

Sunday we actually woke up at 10 am yet somehow managed not to leave the house until 2. We're a lazy slow moving bunch. (Nic made us a protein filled brunch and forced us to eat the leftovers before we could leave. I think I'm done with barbecue meats for awhile.) This time our destination was Thun. When we got there we decided to go see the Castle Thun except we couldn't really figure out how to get to it. It was in the middle of all these buildings, so we took a chance on a pathway between two buildings/apartments and luckily found our way to the castle. It was pretty interesting walking around in a building that was 900 years old. Of course it had a bit of touristy stuff so we had to take advantage of it. We continued walking around Thun for awhile before we decided it was time to go "home".

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