Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Eleven more days...

When the giant squid bursts through the wall to play with the monkey, robot, and penguin, its hard to concentrate on work. Who would've thought that the giant squid only wanted the I heart Jim mug, but who could blame him.

Yes this is what my desk at work looks like. You may think, "How childish and immature to have all those little toys displayed on your desk." Well... you haven't seen the guy's next to me. Maybe I'll be brave and shoot a photo of it another day.

So there's only eleven more days until I leave for Switzerland. I'll be there for about eleven weeks and I guess its almost time for me to start packing. Here's what I'm thinking: Pack most of my closet, 4 different pairs of shoes, running shoes, and a pair of flats I'll be wearing to the airport. A camera (complete with batteries and charger). A laptop(complete with batteries and charger). Make up bag. Hair care products. Blowdryer and curling iron. A tote bag. A purse. Is that all? Do I need a wall plug adapter? Should I exchange some money before I go over there? Seems like something is missing. I can't think of what it is... can you?

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  1. Please update this regularly when you're there. I need to live vicariously through you.