Wednesday, June 23, 2010


Today was my first full day here in Switzerland. I got the day off to adjust. Last night, I couldn't really sleep all the way through. I kept waking up every hour or two since it would only be 5 pm in Houston. Plus there's a church near here with a bell that rings every 30 minutes or so. Also, at like 7 am construction started and there was drilling right outside my window. But I was able to sleep off and on until 1 pm and then I showered and walked around the town. I found a really cute cafe and had a croissant and some tea. Walked around some more and took pictures. It is very hilly here so it was all down hill and then all up hill when I walked to the hotel. Makes for some good exercise.

This is from the plane window almost landing in Zurich. The clouds were so puffy and gorgeous and it's hard to see in the photo but you can see the Alps peeking through. It was pretty amazing.

I saw this as I was walking around town. Megan had just asked me if I saw cows and if they wore bells. Indeed they do. Cute but they bring the flies so there are alot of flies here. Very annoying but its not too bad. They're not in my room and weren't swarming around me on my walk so its not horrible.

Here's a view from my room. As you can see the town is very cute. And on the left side behind the buildings you can see the alps. It's much better in real life. Then on the right side there are all these green lush hills with cows and goats and big houses.
I think one/all of you should come here and stay with me for a week or a few days even. That would be so fun! I'm serious too. If you're able please do!


  1. Looks awesome Marcia! One question, what is Gais? I guess I could google this, but leaving a comment is more fun :) Chat with you soon. Do you Skype?

  2. Gais is the town name? I guess. I still don't understand the hierarchy of things... towns within cities within provinces within whatever they're called...but this is Gais. lol i do skype!

  3. i'm glad to hear that you've settled in okay. miss you much... =)

  4. hi there, nice blog you have here. i just applied for their fall internship. i had a question though. did they let you choose your exact start date? because it says on the job post that this one would start september 2010 october 2010. so i was a little confused, does this mean they offer 2 start dates to choose? anyway looks like you are having fun out there, thanks for your time!

  5. i think that means it could start anywhere between those months. they will work out dates for you to choose from and what works best with their schedule.