Thursday, June 17, 2010

Sexy Pasta

Today was my last day to work at the museum before my trip to Switzerland. I did manage to capture my coworker's cubicle for you guys to see. Yeah. Those are all Star Wars toys. That's all I have to say about that. So my coworkers took me out for a lunch at Amazon Grille and it was fantastic. Then at the end of the day everyone gave me hugs goodbye and it was sweet and sad but I couldn't help smiling as I left the office. It felt great! I mean I'm coming back so I'm not that sad.After work I met up with Joanna and Erin at 59 Diner for dinner and to shoot a podcast. We decided to go to H-E-B and just record ourselves making observations about the food packaging. It was pretty fun and I'm sure we sounded like huge design nerds. Luckily, I brought along my brand new digital camera Muy bought me. It is amazing! So here's a few shots of our day at the grocery store.
This is Muy. She is the bestest friend in the world. Not only does she spoil me for no good reason, but she's the cutest!

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